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PoliUniBus Multiplier Event
PoliUniBus Multiplier Event

PoliUniBus Multiplier Event

PoliUniBus Multiplier Event

The Conference was organized in support of COP26 and is scheduled for 14th October 2021 at Coventry University. The event is organized by C4FF and Coventry University in support of the EU funded PoliUniBus Project with backing of SIG Particulate Matter led by Coventry University and Chester University as well as Midland Engineering Institutions viz., IMechE, IET and IMarEST and on behalf of the Midland Air Quality Group. A dedicated session allocated to PoliUniBus project.

This PoliUniBus workshop reported on the work of University of Liverpool and Centre for Factories of the Future (C4FF) and several leading national and international research centres in shipping, automotive and experts in Business-Academia-Government Collaboration and focuses on unleashing the power of Business, Academia and Policy Makers to collaborate effectively and efficiently. The partners presented the up-to-date work on the PoliUniBus project which covered collaboration methodology, Challenge-led collaboration Framework, Grading Framework and Cloud Based PoliUniBus Platform. The workshop led to the verification of Challenge-led Collaboration Framework and discussion on a Grading Framework.

Target Audience

Representatives of citizen communities, academia, industry, councils, policy makers, environmental groups, air quality specialists and subject experts worldwide.


  • To gain a wider understanding of the effects of poor air quality
  • To understand what we currently measure and consider its adequacy
  • To communicate the above understanding to the widest possible audience
  • To share the evidence based on the health and social impacts of poor air quality
  • To share good practice 
  • To understand the likely impacts of poor air quality on Cities with a view to be aware that air quality does not differentiate administrative boundaries
  • To consider possible ways to mitigate against poor air quality
  • To agree next steps towards cleaner local air