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IO6 – PoliUniBus Mobile App
IO6 – PoliUniBus Mobile App

IO6 – PoliUniBus Mobile App

This output was essential for target groups, especially Student and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) participants to have mobile accessibility and get used to mobile social applications. The advantage of this output that it helped with the dissemination of the project faster and make use of social media integration seamlessly and helped to grow knowledgebase to benefit others. The PoliUniBus Mobile App has all functions and features that are implemented onto the PoliUniBus Cloud Platform.

The key objectives this output was:

(1) to produce an early prototype for early testing and inputs for further refinements;

(2) To implement feedback from the partners and upgrade mobile application to fully integrate all the elements in the refined PoliUniBus Cloud Platform.

In the mobile version, all those tools/Services that are from the cloud platform were transformed into the mobile format which includes:

  • Service for companies to submit project challenges
  • Service for HEIs to help selection of challenges
  • Service for ideas assessment and evaluation
  • Repository of national and international funding
  • Knowledgebase search engine
  • Collaborative project management tool
  • Idea voting tool
  • Dashboards for Students, teachers, managers and policy makers
  • Service for Policy Makers to publish funding opportunities

The PoliUniBus mobile app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store to download for FREE.