Policy Maker, Academia and Business Collaboration Platform
IO5 – PoliUniBus Cloud Platform
IO5 – PoliUniBus Cloud Platform

IO5 – PoliUniBus Cloud Platform

PoliUniBus Cloud Platform is the fifth output of the PoliUniBus project. It was developed based on the results of PoliUniBus Concept and Requirements; and Methodology. The output offers a collaborative internet-based platform with intelligent services that implements a new methodology for the adoption of a systematic innovation process in globally acting networked SMEs. The platform supports companies to manage and implement the complex innovation processes by collaborating with universities and other HEI institution; in a networked environment, taking into account their internal and external links, by enabling an open multi-agent focused innovation (i.e. employee/academic practitioners/students focused innovation). The solution is specifically focused on the needs of businesses and universities and observes both product and process innovation.

Key Services and functionality of the PoliUniBus Platform

  • Cloud based collaboration Service
  • Policy Maker Dashboard – to engage with businesses and academia and set up innovation challenges to address regional and national issues
  • Company Dashboard – where business can collaborate with other business and academia to address the challenges
  • Academia Dashboard – where organisations can collaborate with other universities and businesses to conduct research and share knowledge
  • Funding Services, e.g. list of fundings to tackle climate change
  • Grading Services – to evaluate ideas, projects and proposals.
  • Project Management Service
  • Success Stories Repository – learning from others